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Julia's Projects

Welcome to my project page! This highlights my work over the last year with Amazon and WhistlePig at Riddle and Bloom.


Prime Student x Valdosta State

My coworker, David Lowe, and I took Prime Student to Valdosta State University for the day. We tabled at The Happening Information Fair and promoted the membership to different groups on campus with corn hole games.We had about 300+ interactions throughout the day and met students from all different backgrounds excited to try the Prime Student membership.

Whistlepig x
Head of the Charles

WhistlePig introduced their new beverage, the WhistlePig Piggyback Barrel Aged Smash, to the regatta fans this weekend. Riddle & Bloom teamed up with WhistlePig to promote their new product and gain insight on new ways to market their beverage. The response was overwhelming, and I interacted with more than 500+ people this weekend. Loved being able to connect while having the races in the background.


Prime Student x Temple university

As a Prime Student Campus Manager, I worked to promote Prime Student at Temple University for a year. In my time working with Amazon, I generated 200+ interactions and worked with a team of 40-50 people. Since we had to switch to virtual events, we had to be flexible and get creative with the way we promoted the brand. We created virtual trivia nights, movie nights, and scavenger hunts to engage the Gen-Z demographic. 

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